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"Our intent is to unify Berks County"

We believe that there is a need to encourage future community leaders as well as assist our community members with vital aspects of life such as financial literacy and mental health. We believe in equality and in order for there to be equality, opportunities must be present for all people in order to help disadvantaged members of our community. If we are able to help disadvantaged community members, encourage future leaders and unite this county, we will be investing in the long-term health of Berks County. Rather than our community members looking to leave Berks County for other opportunities, we strive to build an all-inclusive environment which is appealing for the success of any individual. Countless great career paths exist RIGHT HERE in Berks County and if we inspire our residents to care about the well-being of our community, we will succeed together. As we watched the pandemic unfold as well as several instances of social injustice, we vowed to use our frustration and sadness as inspiration for positive change. Rather than add to the negativity all around us, we decided to not only be part of the solution, but also create solutions to help overcome the division within this country. Eventually, we would like for Unity Within Our Community to have an impact in every community but in being realistic, we decided to start right here where we have spent our entire lives, Berks County. We will spend as much time as we are able to on our efforts and the board will help us every step of the way.

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