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3rd Annual

DC's Blue Beetle

Thursday, August 17, 2023
time TBa

This is UWOC's 3rd CommUNITY Movie Night, but why do we hold this event? 

Unification events are at the center of what we do as an organization. Scroll to the bottom to see a list of other events we host! 


Like all of our events, our belief is, if we continue to bring together different community members from all across Berks County, we will increase the level of unity within our community. CommUnity Movie Night is a way to do this through entertainment that we all enjoy no matter what our cultural, political or religious differences are. AKA we all love movies!  


Tickets will be FREE to our community members, and we will be reserving 20 tickets for youth based organizations. This year, we are reserving 10 tickets for the Olivet Boys and Girls Club, and 10 tickets for TLC Fore Reading. We will also purchase 20 small popcorns as well as 20 small drinks combined for TLC Fore Reading and the Olivet through the help of donations!  

DC's Blue Beetle, is specifically exciting for Hispanic community but of course for any DC fan as well. We enjoy partnering with Fox Berkshire not only because it's a great location to bring the community together, but also because this is a way to give back to a small, local business that many of us have created great memories at over the year. Fox Theatres owns three locations, but their mailing address will lead you to Berks County, PA. There could not be a better time to support a local movie theatre after the unprecedented events of the past few years. Furthermore, there could not be a better time to support UNITY, and this event will do just that and more! 


If you are able to donate to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we greatly appreciate it. Our venmo is @unitywithinourcommunity, or click the button below to donate!

We have also hosted a 5k at Jim Dietrich Park, a Mini golf tournament coordinated to bringing together local non-profit organizations, as well as a Teen Takeover with the Olivet Boys & Girls Club. We have also hosted a free CommUNITY Financial Literacy Course at GoggleWorks, in addition to leading a CommUNITY Tip Challenge, as well as a pay for the car in line behind you event which we named Pay 4 Unity.


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